Top 10 Cities for Highest Divorce Rate

Marriage is sacred. It has been a very common sentence we hear from the elders, religious groups and those who value family. It takes a lot of time and careful thinking before entering into a commitment. Marriage is nothing like changing clothes or following your cravings every month. Before the big day, the couple is being taught about the idea of marriage and family life. Media and children’s fairy tales have had the brainwashing into the offbeat of marriage which often leads into the probabilities of the actuality confronted by the mainstream of adult relationships that happens today.

The desire for a “happy ever after” marriage is still fabricated among the people especially the women in the society. However, the struggle of finding the right person to be with for the rest of your lives is real. If before, divorce has been a touchy subject and a whispered topic, it is different today as it is, of course, legal in most countries. Couple divorce because for some reasons and factors affecting their relationship. These factors such as physical, emotional and verbal abuse, third party, or simply the relationship are not working, have a tremendous contribution why the happy ever after is scarce.

So, before you tie the knot, consider compatibility, love, respect and trust, and invest a lot more patience for your partner. You must make sure that he is the right person. Before you call your relationship quits, think a thousand times. But at some reasons, learn to call it off. Now, did you know that Vatican City and the Philippines are the only countries with no divorce law? Vatican is a sacred city, yes, and the latter has banned divorce bills being passed in the Congress. Statistically, here are the Top 10 Cities for Highest Divorce Rate based on the Guinness Book of World Records. Take note that the cities capital cities were used as a reference except for Nevada. Nevada is the city in the US with the highest divorce rate.

10. St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda (3.40 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorce rate in St. John’s, Antigua and BarbudaGetting married in Antigua and Barbuda is easy. Even people on vacation, tourist or cruise ship visitors can now get married with just three steps upon application and provide the documents needed. Confirm the date, pay the fee and schedule it with a Marriage Officer and there you go, you can get married anytime, anywhere in the city or anyhow you want.

On the side note, while getting married is easy, divorce is legal in the country. The Divorce Act was enacted on 1997 which also states the solutions of the issues such as child care and custody. The law discusses the responsibilities of the people involved and the reason behind the divorce.

9. Moscow, Russia (3.42 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

moscow, russia divorces percentageIn 2012, there are over 1.2 million recorded wedding and about 650,000 divorce cases. In this case, the country’s social registry office indicated that most of the marriages conclude in divorce. The United Nations listed Russia as one of the highest countries with the divorce rate in the world.

According to the sociologists, divorces in Russia is usually because of alcoholism, financial difficulties, and crowded living conditions. However, in some cases, these three are present. In a survey conducted in the towns of the country, infidelity or cheating has the highest percentage followed by poverty, and the inability to compromise. Overcrowded housing condition is also considered a factor.

8. Kiev, Ukraine (3.56 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorces in Kiev, UkraineStatistically, Ukraine is among the top European countries with the highest divorce rates. With the fact that people in the country eagerly wants to get married, divorce is the first ending of their eagerness. Whether you are filing a divorce or legal separation, the Ukrainian divorce procedure is plain easy.

Sources say their excitement is often lined into their lack of enthusiasm in maintaining the spark of their relationship. Divorce in Ukraine is often caused by constant financial strain, alcoholism, and poverty. Nowadays, the young adults have also faced the stage of early marriage and divorce.

7. San Juan, Puerto Rico (3.61 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorce percentage in San Juan, Puerto RicoA US territory in the Caribbean Sea, San Juan is the capital city of Puerto Rico. Although it is never easy to decide for a termination of your marriage, divorce is a simple process in Puerto Rico. However, you need to have a PR divorce attorney if you require more information on a complete phase of divorce law or simply needs legal advice and follow the procedure.

The severity of the case depends on the grounds filed by the party. And the general factors include insanity, adultery, cruelty, violence, or lack of intimacy. However, mediation and settlements are happening most of the time.

6. Panama City, Panama (3.61 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorces in Panama CityJust like in Antigua, getting married in Panama is relatively easy. You just have to present the required documents, medical certificate of good health and two witnesses that are not genetically related to the couple. On the other side, Panama is among the countries with the highest divorce rates in the world.

If both parties agree to a divorce, a mutual consent divorce must be provided. There are various types of divorce in the country including unilateral divorce wherein one spouse decides especially if there’s a valid reason behind. Abandonment, drug addiction, infidelity, and alcoholism are the common ground for divorce in the country.

5. Tallinn, Estonia (3.65 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorces in Tallinn, EstoniaEstonia has an elementary family where both parents are present along with their children. However, their children become independent as they reach the age of twenty. And usually, members of their extended family live apart. Sadly, Estonia has a divorce rate of about 60 percent, and it has one of the greatest percentages of single parents in Europe.

Obviously, divorce is legal in the country, and the same-sex relationship is supported. However, the same gender marriages are prohibited. Due to the illegalities of same-gender relationship in the Soviet Union, younger people who were not born in the Soviet Union tend to be more tolerant of this kind of relationship than those who were born at that time.

4. Havana, Cuba (3.72 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorce rate of havana, cubaIn 1999, there were recorded 69.9 divorces per 100 marriages. Therefore, about 70 percent of all marriages in the country end in a divorce. There are also high records of marriage fraud and fake marriages just for the sake of the exit visa and money. The history shows that many Cubans eagerly marry so that they can leave the country.

Fake marriages are quite easier and cheaper that traveling to a particular place abroad. These marriage frauds often lead to numerous painful situations and financial disasters. Although it is easy to file a divorce in the city, you still have to seek a legal advice and hire an attorney for your case.

3. Nevada, USA (4.34 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorces in nevadaAn innocently “no-fault” divorce state, divorce is Nevada is commonly caused by irreconcilable differences which have led to the cessation of the marriage. You can also state the reason that you have been away from your spouse for at least a year. These grounds are acceptable making it easier to divorce in Nevada.

In that case, you cannot say that your spouse has failed in providing all your needs or you can’t accuse your partner of any wrongdoing as a cause of your divorce. But, take note that your reason may be considered as a factor in distributing property and granting financial support.

2. Minsk, Belarus (4.63 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorce in Minsk, BelarusRegarded as the “Land of Broken Marriages” by the Reader’s Digest; Belarus has gone so far regarding their divorce rates. According to the Belarusian Statistics Agency, marriages and divorces have massively increased. There is also an elevating unpopularity of traditional family lifestyles among its people.

Furthermore, marriages involving foreigners have become a common scenario. Just like any other local, many Belarusians specifically, the women look for foreigners who they can get married with just to escape the hard life in their country. Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Israelis, Turks and Balts are the general preferences of the Belarusians to be their spouse.

1. Male, Maldives (10.97 per 1,000 inhabitants per year)

divorce rate of Male, MaldivesGetting a divorce is Maldives is just as easy as you thought to be. Under the Maldives’ mixed Shari’ah and common law system, a man is allowed to divorce his other half simply by stating that he is divorcing her. But he is also permitted to withdraw the divorce within three months. That’s how easy it is to divorce in the country.

On the other hand, a woman is not allowed to divorce just like that. And they can only pursue divorce through the legal process if and only if the judge finds the grounds for divorce justifiable. According to the Department of National Planning, there are about 5,700 marriages in 2012, and about 3,011 of the newlyweds got divorced in the same year. In Male, there are about 784 cases in 2013 and 360 of which are out-of-court divorces.