10 Facebook Stats & Fun Facts You Never Knew You Wanted to Know

1. A 2014 study by Princeton University predicted that Facebook might lose at much as 80% of their users by 2017. Clearly, that has not been the case as Facebook has 1.23 billion daily active users on average for December 2016

2. Roughly 7.5 million websites around the world feature the now-ubiquitous Facebook ‘like’ symbol!

3. If you tallied up the average time spent on Facebook each day by every single person around the world, it would add up to over 20 billion minutes every day!

4. One of the many languages available to Facebook users is “Pirate.” Ahoy, matey! Walk the plank!

5. You may have heard the idea of Degrees of Separation. Well, on Facebook, the average degree of separation between you and someone on the other side of the planet (except, perhaps, China) is 3.74 degrees!

6. Have you ever wondered why Facebook is so blue? It’s because founder Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind!

7. MySpace almost bought Facebook in 2005, but thought it was too expensive. Whoops!

8. A Minnesota man was actually arrested while logging into his Facebook account – from the home he was burgling!

9. Facebook has actually branched into virtual reality gaming, as they are behind the innovative Occulus Rift!

10. With over 110 million likes, internationally beloved Real Madrid football star Cristiano Ronaldo has the most-liked page on Facebook!