10 Pinterest Stats & Fun Facts You Never Knew You Wanted to Know

1. A recent survey suggests that 3/4 of all Pinterest users use Pinterest to discover new interests. Pinteresting.

2. Pinterest users are more likely to shop online than those who use other social networks. In fact, 93% of all Pinterest users have purchased something online in the last six months.

3. Pictures aren’t the only thing on Pinterest. Video and audio files can also be Pinned.

4. 12% of all Pinterest searches have a typo or spelling mistake!

5. The most common word on Pinterest is ‘DYI.’

6. Per capita, there are more Pinterest users in the Midwestern farm belt than anywhere else in the country.

7. There are an average of 2 billion searches on Pinterest every single month!

8. The average Pinterest user is less likely to watch television or read magazines than those who don’t use Pinterest.

9. People are more likely to see your pins if you pin on Mondays and Saturdays!

10. Food and Drink is the most popular pin on Pinterest. This is true for both men and women. I guess food truly is a universal language!