10 Snapchat Stats & Fun Facts You Never Knew You Wanted to Know

1. An average of 2.5 billion snaps are shared every single day. While not every snap includes an image, more photos are shared each day than on both Instagram and Facebook combined!

2. Before its launch on Google Play in 2012, Snapchat was an Apple exclusive and was called Picaboo!

3. Almost every single person (93%) who has ever used Snapchat has sent a photo of something they were drinking at some time or other.

4. Per capita, Snapchat is more popular in rural areas than in urban ones.

5. Snapchat is preferred overwhelmingly by women, 70%. The only popular social network site to be more heavily dominated by women is Pinterest.

6. Two-thirds of Snapchat users report that they often retake selfies several times before sending to to someone they like.

7. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg offered first 1 billion, then 3 billion to buy Snapchat. Both offers were refused.

8. Over 70% of all Snapchat users are less than 25.

9. Snapchat Kidz is a family-friendly version of Snapchat that allows them to take pictures and make drawings, but aren’t allowed to add friends or send and receive snaps.

10. Snapchat is extremely popular in Norway. While less than 10% of Americans use Snapchat, its used by an estimated 50% of Norwegians!