10 Fun Things to do in Chicago

From skyscrapers to beautiful landmark sites, great music to delicious foods, Chicago has a lot to offer. While the saying goes, “it is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them”, Chicago has its economy increasing every year. The third most populated city, Chicago boasts off its historical architectures and designs, mouth-watering cuisines, and the stunning scenery of Lake Michigan.

Today, the city maintains its diversity while it is consistently elevated with its economy and tourism. For the first time Windy City guests, Chicago’s skyscrapers, and public art will surely make them enjoy their vacation for at least a day or two. Plan a Chicago Architecture Tour, or spend a few hours in Millennium Park.

Take some time and enjoy the city and don’t forget to accomplish these 10 Fun Things to do in Chicago.

10. Watch Chicago Air and Water Show

Watch Chicago Air and Water ShowSince 1959, Chicago has lured many visitors with its second most famous festival which happens every year. Annually, about two million visitors flock on the shore of Lake Michigan in hopes to witness the shows respectively. It is a free event that features its kind of originality and uniqueness

The Air Show features daredevil pilots, parachute teams, and jet flying in formation. There are also components of jet skiing and boat-jumping. Civilian and military pilots alike, the flying team is sponsored by large companies and the US armed forces also have their set of contributions. You can watch from the shore for the air show and stay at the grandstand seats at North Avenue Beach for the water show.

9. Stroll through the Grant Park

Stroll through the Grant ParkOriginally known as Lake Park, the Grant Park is situated in the central business district of Chicago. It comprises of the Millennium Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum Campus. The Grant Park also features performance venues, gardens, artwork, sporting, and harbor facilities. Often called the “Chicago’s front yard,” it hosts several public gatherings and huge yearly events.

8. Ride a boat on Lake Michigan

Ride a boat on Lake MichiganLake Michigan is among North America’s five Great Lakes, and it is the only one located in the country. If you’re tired of roaming around the city, you can take a tour on the lake via a boat. Go on a river architectural tour, ride a vessel from the Navy pier, take a shot of the lighthouse and step in the museum campus after your tour.

The boat offers other fun things to do where you can drink hot chocolate, discover more about the city, and you can order some food. Before going in, you need to buy tickets and make sure to be there about 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time. Beers, wines, cocktails, and other beverages are being served on the boat for adults.

7. Go on food hunting

Go on food huntingEvery time you visit a place, you must always try their cuisine and delicacies. Suffice you palates and cravings as you succumb into the aroma of food being served in the city. While Chicago is known to be a city of good food, you must check out the food the city offers.

The city has innovative restaurants, fine dining, cafes, and bars where you can spend your time trying out the best food in town. Dine at Publican, try out the juicy Italian beef sandwich at Portillo’s, eat at the Green Street Smoked Meats, savor some mouth-watering custards at Scooter’s Frozen Custard, and eat the Chicago-style hotdog.

6. Come close to a butterfly in the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven

Come close to a butterfly in the Judy Istock Butterfly HavenButterflies are beautiful creatures that you often see from a flowery garden. Now, take the chance to get up close to a butterfly from the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven. It is a sanctuary with about 40 species of extinct high-flying butterflies and numerous bird species from the Southern hemisphere.

The greenhouse measures about 2,700 square foot with calm pools of water, beautiful flowers, tropical trees, and over 1,000 butterflies. It is situated in the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Bring along your kids, friends or spouse for a tour.

5. Enjoy a live performance in Chicago Shakespeare Theater

live performance in Chicago Shakespeare TheaterLocated at Navy Pier, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater hosts various live performances yearly which include the Shakespeare series. Other shows are being played like youth and family oriented programming and world-class touring productions.

The box office, administrative office, and performance venues are also located in the vicinity of the place. If you’re a Shakespeare fan, you should not miss the chance as you could surely enjoy. Just one of the featured shows is the Romeo and Juliet Musical: The People Vs. Friar Laurence, the Man, who Killed Romeo and Juliet.

4. Stay up at the Skydeck

Stay up at the SkydeckCommonly referred as the Sear Tower, the Willis Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Now, this has been one of the most go-to places of tourists in the city as you can see the entire city from its sky deck with its glass window and glass boxes where you can see through it. People go to what they call the “Ledge” where it is the perfect place to sight-see and take some pictures of the city. Step in a glass box and experience a thrill from the 108-story building.

3. Bike along the Chicago Lakefront Trail

Bike along the Chicago Lakefront TrailThe Chicago Lakefront Trail is ideal for joggers and bikers. It has a lane for them along the coastline of the Lake Michigan that serves as a route for commuters. The trail extends from Lincoln Park, Grant Park, Burnham Park and Jackson Park.

If you’re wondering if biking is allowed, well, you can also see people biking in the area as it is one of the bikers’ routes. You can also see the South Shore Cultural Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, McCormick Place, Soldier Field, Chicago’s Museum Campus, Monroe Harbor, Navy Pier, Belmont Harbor and the Waveland Clock Tower.

2. Attend a Lollapalooza aftershow

Attend a Lollapalooza aftershowAn annual music festival, the Lollapalooza features different music genre including alternative rock, heavy metal, punk, hip-hop and EDM bands, and artists, dance and comedy performances. There are also craft booths within the area. Every year, Chicago celebrates the music festival in the Grant Park where millions of people flock in to witness the annual celebration.

The Lollapalooza aftershow is also one of the most anticipated events in the city. Different activities, booths, shows and performances last long within three days. A schedule of events is posted on a website and tickets are also available online.

1. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

Visit the Art Institute of ChicagoJust as what others usually say, “Don’t leave a place without visiting its modern and historical landmarks.” Or just, don’t exit the city without getting the best thing for your visit and without discovering the history of the city. And to the top, your Chicago trip, don’t forget to visit the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Art Institute of Chicago is the home of Impressionist and Post-impressionist art collections which includes the American art, Old Masters, European and American decorative arts, Asian art, Islamic art, Ancient Classical and Egyptian art, modern and contemporary art, and architecture, industrial and graphical art.

10 Fun Things to do in NYC

New York City is a stunning place to visit whether for first timers of tenth-time visitors. Every place offers their unique qualities. And so the city has a lot of great things in the sack. Either you’re a first time visitor or not, New York City will make you come back and visit the city. To experience the full scope of the activities, jot down these ten fun things to do in NYC.

There are numerous things to do in the city that never sleeps. Aside from visiting the beautiful tourist sites, the city offers various must have things to do in New York City especially for first-time visitors. If you’ve been to the Time Square, Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and you want to change your course for your next visit, here are the 10 Fun Things to do in NYC you might be interested in trying.

10. Go biking along the Hudson River Park

spend time at Hudson River ParkThe Hudson River Park is the second largest park in Manhattan next to Central Park. The park has lanes that extend from the north to the south exclusively for bicycle users and pedestrians. It also comprises of tennis and soccer fields, batting cages, children’s playground, dog run, and many other recreational facilities. Also, the parkland also includes some North River ports which are rebuilt and once used for shipping.

Extending through the Manhattan vicinity, some parts of the park run through the Lower Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and Midtown West. So you can either go cycling or biking along the “busiest bikeway in America” according to the Park Trust, play field sports, run your dog, go fishing on the pier or go boat-building. You can also go skating, or just relax in the quiet corners.

9. Go on Museum hopping

New York Museum and HeritageNew York City offers various museums and institutions within its range. While these museums cater the cultural and historical displays and art exhibits in the country, this is one of the most visited places during educational field trips.

Complete your NYC trip as you visit the top-notch different museums. Start off at Museum Mile; move on to the Meatpacking District after finishing all the museums along the first location. And sum up your museum tour at the Fifth Avenue mansion, Midtown’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Brooklyn Museum.

8. Visit the Empire State Building

Visit the Empire State BuildingA 102-story skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan, the Empire State Building, is one of the tallest buildings in the world. It has been one of the most visited places within the city and an ideal site to view the Big Apple. But before you enter the building, you must book a ticket in advance and present it for checking.

You can go in a group, with your family or with your spouse and enjoy the scenery. There are specific dates to visit the place best depending on your company. If you’re with your family, visit between 8 AM to 11 AM; around 9 PM to 12 AM during Labor Day to Memorial Day and 10 Pm to 1 AM during Memorial Day to Labor Day for couples so you can enjoy your Thursday or Saturday nights with the saxophone playing in the background.

7. Shop at the Union Square Farmers Market

Shop at the Union Square Farmers MarketThe farmers’ market is located in the heart of Union Square, Somerville. All the way from the Massachusetts farms, specialty vendors sell their products such as vegetables, fruit, meat, cheese, fish, baked goods, and much more. Greenmarket was established in 1976 with the goal of promoting regional agriculture from small family farms and ensuring fresh produces to all New Yorkers.

Shop from about 30 vendors selling theirs locally grown products; enjoy live music and activities, discover nearby cafes and restaurants. It opens every Saturday mornings around 9 Am to 1 PM. Buy your fresh stocks, befriend the vendors and meet new people along the way.

6. Experience live Jazz at Lincoln Center

Experience live Jazz at Lincoln CenterIn 1987, the Jazz at Lincoln Center was founded with the mission of entertaining, enriching and expanding a worldwide community for Jazz through a live presentation, learning, and promotion. The complex was opened in October 2004.

The Jazz at Lincoln Center also comprises of the JALC Jazz education program where the youngsters are educated for the advancement of music and better understanding and appreciation. As you succumb through the beautiful music, you are also helping the organization promote the rich tradition of America’s music.

5. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Walk across the Brooklyn BridgeThe first steel-wire suspension bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the US. After its completion in 1883, John Roebling’s engineering masterwork was recognized as the world’s longest suspension bridge. With its structure and beauty, the bridge has been featured in countless shows and movies.

The bridge serves as the passage between Manhattan and Brooklyn, hence the visibility of the bridge in both of the boroughs. Stroll across the upraised pedestrian crossing and join the daily walkers crossing every day while enjoying the downtown views of Manhattan and New York Harbor.

4. Be entertained at the Film Forum

enjoy your time at Film Forum NYCThe only independent non-profit cinema in NYC, the Film Forum is an iconic hub for the city’s theatrical and contemporary moviegoers.  It presents NYC theatrical premieres of American independents and foreign art films. You can watch indie features and documentaries, American classics, genre works, festivals and directors’ retrospectives.

Browse their website for further movies according to your taste and, at the same time, buy your online ticket, so you will quickly reserve a seat. There are specific schedules per movie as if you’re in a modern cinema. There are also food stalls for your hungry stomach.

3. Stroll around the Bronx Zoo

visit the Bronx Zoo NYCWithin Bronx Park, tourists visit the largest metropolitan zoos in the world and one of the largest in North America. With at least 4,000 animals of about 650 species from around the world, the zoo composes of parklands and natural habitats.

Visit the zoo and see different wildlife animals such as zebras, giraffes, and lions from the African lands. Take a safari tour through the 6.5-acre Congo Gorilla Forest, watch baboons, lemurs, crocodiles, and cockroaches. There are other activities like a sea lion and penguin feeding, Bug Carousel, 4-D Theatre and the Children’s Zoo. Kids will surely enjoy this NYC trip.

2. Walk through the West Village

Walk through the West Village NYCFrom its old brownstones huddled along tree-lined cobblestone paths to its innovative restaurant’s line along the street, the West Village features picturesque scenery as you stroll through the village. Even if the city stood for decades, famous landmarks remained in the area.

Click your glass in the White Horse Tavern, visit the Village Vanguard, or stop by the Stonewall Inn. The place is lined with several shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants where you can just stay and relax. Step in the Jefferson Market Courthouse, don’t be tempted to try the cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery, and dine at the Spotted Pig.

1. Picnic at Sheep Meadow at Central Park

Picnic at Sheep Meadow at Central ParkAnd to sum it off, Central Park is a fantastic place to end your NYC vacation. In the heart of Manhattan, the park is one of the world’s greatest urban oases. It was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in the mid-19th century making it the focal point of the city’s public parks system. It is a perfect place for picnicking with your family, kids, or loved ones.

Visit the Central Park Zoo, Belvedere Castle, the Friedsam Memorial Carousel, Sheep Meadow, and the Great Lawn. During the winter, experience ice skating at the Trump Rink, or Lasker Rink. In the summer, stroll around the Delacorte Theater, and Rumsey Playfield. Don’t leave New York City without seeing these top 10 best places to visit in NYC.

10 Fun Things to do on a Friday Night

TGIF! Do you know that feeling when you are finally free from school and work as you end the stressful week on a Friday night? Well, the feeling is mutual. Friday is the most awaited day of the week where everyone enjoys the night out and the weekend. When Friday comes, expect everyone is getting all giddy and excited for their weekend rituals and habits.

After a long week full of school loads, paper works, and other stress-causing agents, you deserve a night full of fun, rest, and sleep. Everyone has their way of spending the weekend off. And Friday night has no difference. Whether you just read your favorite book, watch a movie with friends, go on a night out, or sleep the night off, it will still pay off.

You, maybe, are wondering what you could do next Friday or you might be thinking of a fun way to spend it with your family or girlfriend. So whatever your reason is, you might want to consider these ideas of 10 Fun Things to do on a Friday Night.

10. Catch up a movie with friends

Catch up a movie with friendsFrom your most favorite movies to the least ones, the classical to the modern films, you sure don’t want to miss out your favorite actor. Friday night is a great night to go out with friends or girlfriend. You could watch a movie in a cinema or just make your room like a theater as you install your set of speakers, LCD or projectors and pop up some popcorn.

Catch the latest movies, or you could just repeat the ones on your list over and over again. But for the record, it would be better if you would put a twist, right? Think of an unusual thing to do so you could make it not the usual thing you have been doing all this time. I know, Titanic is among the most watched movies, it is still iconic, right? Or why not try series or indie features?

9. Get your game on

Get your game onFriday is usually a family night for most, and to some, it is a game night. Let the game begin! Spread your cardboards and get your game on. What would be the best game to play on a Friday night? You either grab your board games and play indoors or just go out to a bowl and enjoy the night out.

But for me, it is safer just to stay in the comforts of your home. You can try charades, puzzles, scrabble, monopoly, dominoes, Egyptian war, spades or any other board or card games of your choices. Try making a bet or imposing a consequence every time someone loses the game. But make sure it won’t hurt them. Remember that it is just for fun.

8. Light up the night

Light up the nightUsually, stargazing is one of the must-do things on a Friday night. You just lie on your back outside the house or on the rooftop, gaze up and make a wish upon the star. But when the stars are not friendly tonight, you still can go out and light the night up. There’s still fun on a Friday night.

Like, what kind of fun? Gather your closest friends or your family members and light up a bonfire in the backyard. While the fire is still up, you can play a game like truth or dare or just talk the night out. Chill back and relax. It will be a long night. If you want, you can also set up a camping site in your backyard.

7. Go shopping

Go shopping with family and friendsFriday night is also for shopaholics. The week won’t be complete if they have not gone to the mall or they have not treated themselves with their precious collections. In some countries, Friday is a day to visit the mall for it is marked as a “sale day.” Shopaholics are in full hopes that the thing that they have been waiting for is now on sale.

On the other hand, shopping is also a mutual bonding between a mother and a daughter where the mother brought her daughter out after a week of working away from home. This builds a connection with their relationship, and at the same time, it is an easy way of showing her love for her child – treating her out and making her feel that she still has a time for her even how busy she is.

6. Climb the tallest building in town

Climb the tallest building in townThere’s nothing more beautiful than witnessing the whole city light up from afar. Just like you are watching the stars flicker from the dark sky. Climb the tallest structure in town where you can entirely witness this picturesque. And be amazed of your city. This could also be a perfect substitute from stargazing.

Watching the lights shimmer from underneath as you sit up and listen to the sound of the swift winds. It could be relaxing in a way that eases your tension and stress. And when your time is up, treat yourself your favorite dessert or a cup of coffee before heading back home to rest.

5. Cheer on your favorite team

Cheer on your favorite teamWhat is your favorite sport? What is your favorite team? May it be basketball, football, cricket, or you may be cheering on Lakers, Thunders or your favorite team, your school and your country. Friday night is usually a night of cheers and woo-hoos. Book your ticket and watch your team play.

If you are not a fan of watching from the stadium or courts, you can do it at home as you sit on your comfy couch and cheer at the top of your lungs. At least you are having the great night of your life. And just sleep it out once your team faces defeat. What’s the best part of this? You saved a lot of money and disappointments.

4. Enroll in a class

Enroll in a classA perfect way to let your stress out, you could join a class and schedule it on a Friday night. You could go boxing class, cooking class, baking class, music class, DJ class, glass-making class or anything according to your mood. Anything as long as it satisfies you and eases your stress from the whole week of distress.

Once you have booked, make sure to attend and finish the due course. It would be better if you bring a friend with you or make a new friend. Your class must fit your schedule. After this, it would be worth your time and effort.

3. Throw a pizza party

Throw a pizza partyWho doesn’t love pizza, right? From the Hawaiian delights to the cheese and pepperoni pizza, double cheese pizza to your pizza creation, pizza is the most loved and preferred food worldwide. Ask your friends, kids or relatives because all I know is pizza has its way of pleasing a hungry stomach.

Either you create your version of pizza or just order from the nearest branch, you can throw a pizza party at home or in your lawn. Call out your friends, watch some movie, play some games, or discuss subjective matters. The choice is yours to make. But don’t forget to burn the calories after.

2. Have a Friday night out

Have a Friday night outIn times like this, I bet the clubs or bars are full seating. Friday night is the time of the evening where the nerds date their books, the cinephiles watch their movies, and the party-goers paint the town red as they go club and bar hopping. However, not all bars require drinking sessions. There are bars for 18-year old and under which prohibits alcoholic drinks.

Friday night outs do not only mean the typical way of celebrating the night out. You can also enjoy through different means like going out for dinner, go dancing or ball, or just simply go out and have some fun. What kind of fun? Well, it’s up to your definition of fun. But avoid too much alcohol. Spend the night free from harm and any form of accidents.

1. End your day with a therapeutic massage

End your day with a therapeutic massageI know you’ll love this. After a week full of stress points and tensions, your body deserves some pampering. Visit a spa or treat yourself to a therapeutic full body massage. Let’s see if you won’t enjoy it. After the relaxing massage, you can now sleep peacefully and stress-free.

If you feel sore, tired and stressed out, your body needs a massage to improve performance, aid recovery, prevent and alleviate injuries, reduce stress and enhances metabolism and circulation. So this one’s what you need and what your body needs. Do it on a Friday night or the rest of the weekend.

Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in USA

While many travelers weigh in the best option to where they could spend their holiday seasons in the US, various places are a perfect pick. With 50 states, 14 territories and many transitioning places for wandering explorers. Choosing where to go is a challenge to every traveler especially during holidays.

Now, ranking from the top cities, airlines, and hotels, the list enables the vacationists to choose the appropriate place to stay for the rest of the day. From its historical sites, museums, national parks, beaches and tourist attractions to the Rocky Mountains, stunning lakes, and breath-taking views. Here are the Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in the USA, check it out.

10. Las Vegas, Nevada
cities to visit in the usa

Just known as Vegas, Las Vegas is called the Sin City, America’s Playground, and the Entertainment Capital of the World. Many people visit the place merely for gambling, shopping, nightlife and fine dining. Some also consider it as a theme park rather than a most populated city.

Today, Las Vegas is a destination flexible to the pleasure-mongers who are hungry for this kind of living or those who just want to get out of their homeland. However, the city also offers different itineraries like sophisticated shopping, luxurious spas, and epicurean restaurants. Aside from these, it’s a place for outdoor activities such as hiking in Red Rock Canyon or stopping by the Hoover Dam.

9. San Diego, California

must see san diego in the usaLocated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean with a constant sunny weather, San Diego is a beautiful place to visit. With its tasty dishes, developing nightlife, and one of the country’s most visited zoos, the city is also a place with stunning beaches and seaside walking.

Defined by the site’s military and Hispanic heritage, San Diego is the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Fleet center nearby the U.S – Mexico border. Although the population continuously grows, the city is doing great in maintaining the small-town feel which is being looked forward to the Southern California sun.

8. Charleston, South Carolina

city to spend your holidaysStrolling along King Street, Charleston boasts their 3-mile shopping boardwalk lined with liberated stores, including the renowned Heirloom Books. The city has been an emblematic ideal full of exciting activities perfect for couples, group of friends or families. Park on the Mount Pleasant or the Charleston side, walk up to the middle of the bridge and take photos in the sea air.

Charleston offers historical sites like centuries-old mansions, spooky cemeteries, cobblestone walks and Spanish moss-draped trees. Be amazed at its gas lamp-lit streets, horse drew carriages and the antebellum architecture. However, the city does not only feature its heritage sceneries but also it is a city with gourmet restaurants, modern art galleries, and enthralling stories.

7. Chicago, Illinois

chicago river to see in the usaWhile the saying goes, “it is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them”, Chicago has its economy increasing every year. The third most populated city, Chicago boasts off its historical architectures and designs, mouth-watering cuisines, and the stunning scenery of Lake Michigan.

Today, the city maintains its diversity while it is consistently elevated with its economy and tourism. For the first time Windy City guests, Chicago’s skyscrapers, and public art will surely make them enjoy their vacation for at least a day or two. Plan a Chicago Architecture Tour, or spend a few hours in Millennium Park.

6. Washington DC, District of Columbia

capitol of usa to visitMillions of visitors come to Washington DC every year to visit the National Mall, honor the nation’s leaders and give respect to the fallen soldiers. According to John F. Kennedy, Washington DC is a “city of southern efficiency and northern charm.”  Although people consider Washington as a slow and inefficient City, the national capital city has thrived and transformed into a fantastic, quicker-paced East Coast vacation spot.

When visiting the place, you can choose whether you will go on a traditional tour or a classic adventure. Visit the White House and the Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum. Walk around the Tidal Basin, and enjoy the city’s more enthusiastic ambiance. Stroll along the Eastern Market and make sure to see the national landmarks of the place.

5. Honolulu, Hawaii

city to visit in usaHonolulu, the state capital city, boasts the island’s metropolitan demand. From the austere USS Arizona Memorial, the city lines cultural and historical spots to the magnificent ‘Iolani Palace. It’s nearby places have also established skyscrapers, hotels and resorts alongside the white-sandy beaches.

In the North Shore, you will find the most stunning emerald waters and rambling hikes which offer the rustic appeal of Hawaii. The city also showcases its world-class cuisines and restaurants, dynamic cultures and vibrant nightlife. Known as the “Gathering Place,” the island displays its own Hawaiin culture.

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

spend your holidays in usaWith new hotels, innovative restaurants, and stores, New Orleans is a fast developing city. Known for its European designs and architectures, the city also boasts their delicious Creole cuisine and overall occultism. Showcasing their love for music, Jazz, Blues, Zydeco and rock ‘n’ roll harmony drivels from the city abyss.

Mardi Gras has been the focal point of tourist attractions which make the visit more exciting for many. People also flock in the Bourbon Street clubs in place of the Mardi Gras.  Over the previous years, New Orleans remains strong amidst the natural calamities which hit the home. To start your tour, visit the French Quarter and other architectural settings, and stop by for a delicious plate of jambalaya.

3. Grand Canyon, Colorado

canyon to visit in usaMeasuring approximately 277 miles in height, up to 18 miles in width and a mile under, the Grand Canyon is naturally a wonder in the US. For a large scale, the Colorado River has helped the expansion and augmentation of the Grand Canyon for almost six million years. This natural beauty has attracted many visitors to be amazed by its red and orange grandiosity.

However, aside from gazing at the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon, the city offers other activities which will surely satiate the demands of the people. Go mountain biking, river rafting/floating, and canyon hiking. Visit the Grand Canyon Village and the well-known Bright Angel Trail in the South Rim. In the North Rim, backwoods camping and staunching hiking is a must.

2. New York City, New York

places to visit in usaEver dreamed to see the Statue of Liberty? Well, this could be a chance. Also known as the Big Apple or the Big City, New York City is the most populated city in the United States. Being the cultural and financial capital of the world, the big city serves as the focal point for the international diplomacy. The cosmopolitan city is constantly growing and progressing throughout the years.

Filled with striking high-rise towers and skyscrapers, the city boasts off their distinctive cultures, iconic boutiques, contemporary coffee shops and cafes, and luxury restaurants and bakeries. Stroll along the Fifth Avenue and appreciate the various art collections. Fall in love with the city; watch Time Square’s neon lights; discover ingenious cocktail bars, and catch a show on Broadway.

1. San Francisco, California

best place to visit in USAWalk around the city while exploring its own beauty. San Francisco is known as the foodies’ hub also perfect for the free-spirited people who fancy edgy arts, have a taste for artistic cuisines, and enthusiastic for adventure. Beautiful sites, high-class restaurants, comfy cafes and several of lively nightlife ventures are open in the city.

Try out riding on a cable car, spend time with the sea lions on the Bay, and discover places which will complete the list of itinerary. Snap a photo of the famous Golden Gate Bridge and take a route to the Fisherman’s Wharf. San Francisco also offers a site of the Mission district, The Haight, and The Castro.