Top 10 Best Armies of the World

World peace: that’s just one of the people’s wishes and cries. One main issue the world is facing now is safety and security. While everyone worries about their protection, the armies risk their lives to provide full security for their nation. But did you ever wonder what the most powerful armies in the world are?

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Top 10 Best Attack Helicopters in the World

In a world full of love and war, every place is equipped with their set of weapons and drills. Just, for example, the attack helicopters. Nowadays, helicopters are the most efficient source for logistics, wars and rescue purposes. For the record, the attack helicopters debuted into the world during the World War II, and it

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Top 10 Best Politicians Ever Lived

A political leader or simply politicians are people who actively participate in party politics and responsible in governing a city, state, region or even an entire nation. History has given us a superfluity of dogmatic leaders, both respectable and corrupt, who have devoted their lives to the advancement of their countries and their populaces. But

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